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In 2015, the United Nations Climate Conference was held in Paris, COP 21. Similar conferences have been held in the past in Kyoto, Japan (1997) and in Brazil to draw the attention of the world to the danger facing our planet and measures to be adopted to save her from an imminent ecological asphyxiation. All developed countries have adopted measures in this regard, from selective solid-waste collection and recycling to checks on the emission of particles from automobile and other pollutants, development of renewable energy, energy savings and other Eco-friendly measures. In the United Sates, empty plastic bottles of water are retuned in exchange for a full one in the supermarkets and in France plastic bags are banned in favour of biodegradable paper bags.

In Africa, it is common to witness an indiscriminate dumping of refuse along the highways, streets and forests. In the cities, plastic bags and bottles often block the drainage and sewage systems. These non-biodegradable solid wastes often end up in the oceans. Seamen and oceanographers can testify that plastic wastes dumped in coast of Lagos, Accra or Dakar can after a few months be found in the coast of Green Land, Canada or Japan. In Nigeria, almost every establishment, company or home has one or more gigantic generators due to the poor rate of electricity supply. Used vehicles that are no longer road-worthy in developed countries are exported to Africa as if their emissions will restrictively circulate above the continent alone. It seems short sighted and puerile if ecological measures are taken only in the developed countries while Africa is left uncared for in this global issue as if a cancer on the toe left untreated will not one day, get to the brain. It’s based on this fact that OFEPIA embarks on projects and to sensitise people in Africa; schools, markets, institutions etc., on different Eco-friendly measures that could be adopted to keep our planet healthy.
Our effort alone can not give us the desired result that is why we sincerely request your door to be opened to the OFEPIA team, as we seek the collective efforts of corporate organisations, governmental agencies and groups’ partnership to redeem the African continent from the looming dangers of ecosystem breakdown.
OFEPIA Ambassador

Every day, we engage in different activities that endanger our ecosystem, from our closet to our workplace, our leisure to our social engagement arena and other ecosystem endangering activities. Our work will not be effective without your playing a central role. You can also help us reach the top of the mountain; share your idea with us and make our planet a better place.


OFEPIA projects are funded by philanthropists and public donations, while we rely on the efforts of the volunteers to accomplish our goal; they also need financial supports to execute their tasks successfully. They also need banners, flyers, posters, etc. Your financial and logistic support will enable us make a difference.

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99% of OFEPIA workforce is from voluntary service and you can be one of us too! As a Non-profit organisation working to preserve the ecosystem in Africa, in the interest of all, we trust, volunteering our little time selflessly will help us reach our goal in no distant time. We invite you to take the initiative and make a team with us now.

Control Industrial Waste

Encourage governmental agencies to control the channeling of industrial waste into rivers; oceans and forest thereby endangering the lives of aquatic organisms and other species.

Different pollutants like particles from automobile emissions and dust from untarred roads directly disperse both in the cities and in the forest. These particles are directly inhaled by human beings and the effect to our health should not be underestimated. Also, they sediment on flowers in the forest thereby preventing cross-pollination, whereas the latter factor is vital to optimum agricultural productivity.
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