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A Non Profit Organisation

Organisation For Ecosystem Preservation In Africa (OFEPIA) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, registered (W931016898) in France in 2017 by a group of individuals who are sharing passion in the preservation of nature and love for the continent of Africa.


Our Objective
Ecosystem Preservation

The objective is to partner with individuals, corporate bodies and government parastatals to preserve the ecosystem within the continent of Africa.

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Aims & Goals

Our primary aim is to reduce to the barest minimum the degradation of the ecosystem in Africa by human beings.  

Our focus is to reduce the negative impact of human activities on our environment through public enlightenment such as campaign, promotion of environmental policies, protection of species etc.

The Opportunity
Get Involved

We assume it is the role of every individual to feel and partake in the abundance of nature. We also create the opportunity for all concerned citizens to share from this great initiative of promoting ecofriendly lifestyle around us. We leave OFEPIA’s door wide open to the public to come in as good ambassadors of our planet earth, either as a donor or a volunteer. Together, our little action can make a better difference, prolong our lifespan, and help us to leave a legacy for the unborn generation.

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