EFEM Code of Conduct

EFEM 2018 Code of Conduct

Last updated April 01, 2018
2018 EFEM Project

Eco-friendly and Ecolabel Message.

Awareness Campaign on Eco-friendly and Ecolabels.

To create awareness on ecosystem degradation and need to reverse the trend through individual efforts.

Target Audience
The youths and children in schools.

Catch the young minds.

Execution Period
Every three months.

Mode of Execution
Through utilization of local resources made available under a total supervision of OFEPIA delegated leaders of the project or group head.

Project sponsorship shall be a sole responsibility of the collective efforts of the project executing team. The official sponsorship from OFEPIA head office is subject to team's effort and performance, need, available resource.

 OFEPIA Code of conduct For EFEM Project
  1. No OFEPIA representative or project teaming member is at any time of the official programme allowed to wear clothes/attires that represent the common interest of OFEPIA, or directly/indirectly represent any religious, secret cult, or ethnic/antisocial group/movements.
  2. At no time should any OFEPIA representatives or project teaming members give or share a hater, violent, derogatory speech against fellow member/public in the cause of execution of project.
  3. At all time, no OFEPIA representative or project teaming member are allowed to carry any tool regarded as weapon (e.g battle axe, gun, knife, etc.) during the execution of the project, and at any time on OFEPIA official shirt/assignment.
  4. No member is allowed to vend any material the venue/scene of the programme without the express permission from OFEPIA head office.
  5. All major sponsorship must be officially reported in full account to the OFEPIA head office as at when due solely for official documentations.
  6. All expenses/revenue MUST be made accurately before and after each successive event.
  7. No individual/part of the team is allowed to run a special account in the name of OFEPIA.
  8. OFEPIA official reserve the right to change leadership, dissolve part or whole group/team, or discontinue the program if found unworthy or treat to the public or OFEPIA interest without any prior notice.
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